The 413 Report boldly addresses issues that plague our families and our nation, proclaiming truth to a world desperate for what it cannot comprehend.

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I am a Veteran…not a Victim

As a veteran, I have earned and am therefore entitled to exactly one thing, military retirement as I was promised over 20 years ago. I am entitled to nothing else. Nothing. Not a job. Not a home. Not even respect. I am a veteran, not a victim, and as proud as I am at...

The Emptiness of My White Privilege

I’m okay with being white. I’ve never been another color so I can’t really comment intelligently on what that is like. I’ve been told that my whiteness yields benefit in our nation. I won’t likely be racially profiled. I will probably never be pulled over for being...

Men, Abortion is Our Fault

As I’ve previously confessed, 20 years ago I paid my girlfriend to murder our unborn daughter. I thank the good Lord daily that she didn’t follow through. My actions represented the moral vacuity and misguided masculinity of modern man highlighting an uncomfortable...

A Letter to My Angry Atheist Relative

It has occurred to me from our interaction that you must believe me to be a gullible idiot. Either that or I am a great liar. Maybe you consider me a lunatic, certifiably insane. Your thoughts must demand one of these conclusions. If it were just me, that answer may...

A Picture of Legitimate Christian Resistance

Originally Published at LinkedIn on 8 Dec, 2016 As I proclaim, “we must obey God, not men,” my liberal cousin literally thinks I may just snap and blow up an abortion clinic. Until a couple of months ago, he just may have been correct. Then I read this book, it’s...


Scheduled for 2017 – The 413 Project will launch a podcast to discuss the issues that are plaguing our families and youth, and provide practical advice for how you can become involved. It is up to us to change the system to make a difference and to answer the call.

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