Sex in a Godless Army (part 3): Do We Really Want Equality?

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Apart from the Gospel, few things provoke the godless more than the biblical sexual ethic.

My military experience has offered me some unique insight into gender inclusion. The unit I served for many years never had women below the Brigade level though it has since been integrated. At one point, we literally had 13 women in an organization of over 3,000.

When I got sent to the Division, I found myself surrounded by women. I had female commanders, female 1SG’s, female lieutenants and a litany of female soldiers, and most of these soldiers were intensely professional.

More than a few of the young female soldiers were single mothers who had replaced their child’s absentee father with the Army. They had literally replaced the stability and support that the father is supposed to provide with the stability and support of the Army, and again many of them were great soldiers for whom I have tremendous respect.

As the rear detachment Brigade Commander, my S3, the officer in charge of running the entire Brigade, a position normally reserved for a major, was a female captain. She was one of the best officers I have worked with. Intelligent, physically fit, and motivated—I rated her as #1 among the nearly 30 officers I rated in her grade. I would proudly serve with her again.

A soldier is a soldier, or so goes the mantra.

Yet, when you remove all the other differences and treat everyone the same, sexual difference becomes the only thing you notice. As much as attempting to treat men and women the same could potentially damage the mission, its potential to damage women is even greater.

Is equality truly a virtue, something to pursue?

This is Equality?

The Army has stayed the course in attempting to treat males and females the same, something that was entirely shocking to me upon my reemergence into the force. In the field, we even share sleeping tents. There is no female tent. I found this highly unusual.

The Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) perfectly highlights the unavoidable.

In Combatives, there are no males or females, only soldiers. This means any male soldier could find himself grappling with a female soldier. Combatives looks like a cross between wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu and places the opponents in what could be considered very intimate positions. Bodies are pressed against bodies. Legs are wrapped around waists. Call me antiquated, but I found this to be very inappropriate. As we instituted a robust Combatives program, I frequently found myself confronted with the prospect of engaging with a female. (I would combat this by pretending to be too tired at that point and needing to sit out for a round or two.)

Aside from the inappropriate contact, one engagement I witnessed highlighted the absurdity. I had a young lieutenant built like Mike Tyson, thick and powerful, taking on a young female officer who was built like a typical female, small and frail by comparison. It was a joke. The male kind of toyed with her a bit, somewhat bemused by the situation and more than a little uncomfortable, and then at some point, he kind of grabbed her as gently as he could and pushed her to her back and achieved the dominant mount position. She even uttered out a little cry as he took her down. Though he did it as gently as he could, it looked like domestic violence practice.

This encounter highlights Army “equality”, a rather low view of women. Sexual assault and rape become the nasty by-products.

Absent a biblical foundation of complementarianism, young men are taught at home and reinforced by the military that she is no different from him aside from the fact that she possesses a vagina, not someone to be cherished and respected. Men take what they want from other men all the time, by force if necessary. Why not do the same with her?

So the military continues to perform cheetah flips to spit out it’s next poster child, but for every Haver or Griest we generate, how many women suffer? How many women must we sacrifice on the altar of equality to maintain this farce, this charade?

This is Equality

As men tend to sin by oppressing women, we actually denigrate women by placing them on the same level as men. We, men, should elevate the position of women.

My wife and I teach all six of our sons that you “treat a girl like a flower”—they can all recite this on command. If they hit one another then okay, “no blood, no foul,” but if they hit a girl, my granddaughter for instance, I come down on them with the full wrath and fury of the Lord God, Almighty.

Return with me once more to the Garden, to creation. Consider that God made everything—the heavens and the stars, the sun and the moon, the earth and the sky, the beasts of the field, the fish of the waters. God made everything by His spoken word, and then He brought forth man and put Him in the Garden to work it, to have dominion over it. He taught man His statutes, and only when all of creation was prepared and ready, poised, He brought forth woman. Adam then exclaimed, “This one at last, is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh.”

The Bible adamantly speaks to the elevation of women by men, lest they be oppressed by those very same men.

I return to my daughters. When I think of them and their prospective husbands, I don’t want for them equality. I don’t want a husband for them who treats them the same as he treats his buddies. My desire is that a man comes along and treat them as a Princess, that he cherish them and hold them in the highest regard, that he sees them as the weaker vessel, the ceramic vase, the butterfly that they are and conducts himself accordingly—gentle, honorably, with respect.

In striving for what we designate as equality, our nation and our Army endangers women, placing them in a lesser position than God intended. And, as we will soon be sharing a bathroom, shower facility, and locker room if our secular overlords have their way, it will only get worse.


Before proceeding, I am led to clarify a point. Lest you misunderstand, I am advocating for the distinction of women, the opposite of degradation. I am an advocate for women in the service. I have served alongside amazingly competent women, officers and enlisted, every bit the warrior and patriot of their male counterparts. However, perhaps we can do it better, honor both the unique nature of men and women while simultaneously utilizing their requisite skills for the defense of the nation.


It is here that my assessment falls admittedly short. The most obvious answer is, “Repent!”

Collectively, as a nation, the only solution is revival, to abandon the secular slide and turn once more to the ways of the Lord. Apart from a dramatic supernatural intervention in this fashion, the question must be framed appropriately, an exceedingly difficult venture.

“What do we do?” becomes,

“How do we generate godly sexual behavior while still clinging to and teaching a godless sexual ethic?” which specifically translate to,

“How do we teach our young men to respect and cherish young women while still teaching them that they are the same, minus the presence of a penis or a vagina?”

We should immediately abandon the farce that men are the same as women. Allow men to be men and women to be women. Re-segregate basic training. Re-segregate billeting. Re-segregate sleeping quarters. Segregate Combatives training. Inject a manner of separation and quit trying to teach men and women that they are the same. Quite the opposite, we ought to honor and celebrate our God-given sexuality, male and female, instead of foolishly pretending that once a person slaps on a uniform, they somehow become asexual.

Second, we should at least teach a godly ethic as an option. At least tell them the truth, that there is another option, another way.

Third, we should seriously reconsider the introduction of women into ground combat and their inevitable inclusion in the Selective Service. Can women fight? Of course. I think of Stalingrad and Kobani, yet these were unique circumstances for a desperate time. Description is not identical to prescription, and we need to be able to differentiate. A better question that we must ask is “ought a woman to fight?”

Should we intentionally send our women to do the dirty business of ground combat?

As I know that these things will likely never happen—we’ve drifted too far—I return to my original plea for America.


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