Pro-Choice Folks, I Understand…I Truly Do

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Let us dispense with the pretenses.

Let us disavow the same tired rhetoric.

I know.

It’s a zygote, a clump of cells. It’s not a person. It’s your body. It’s your choice. You have reproductive rights. There is a war on women. If I’m against abortion, I won’t have one.

But can we please cut to the chase?

You hate men.

Rather, you hate manhood, the institution, masculinity.

Really, it’s the perceived patriarchy that generates your wrath, the system itself.

As long as men yield, as long as they acquiesce, as long as they join in self-emasculation and self-loathing then you tolerate them, begrudgingly. You reserve your ire for those who dare advocate for anything as outdated and outrageous as masculine virtue, be they male or yes, other females.

You fulfill Scripture.

Did you know that?

Long ago, God cursed the woman in her sin saying, “Your desire shall be for your husband…” (Genesis 3:16)

At first glance, this doesn’t sound bad. Why would you not want to desire your husband. The language is telling. In the very next chapter, using the exact same language, God says to Cain, speaking of sin, “Its desire is for you.” (Genesis 4:7) Sin seeks to dominate Cain, to control him, to usurp his motivations, compelling him to act accordingly, bending him to its will.

The alternate rendering of the curse speaks volumes. “Your desire will be against your husband.” God imbued the man with spiritual headship, with a role as the leader of the family, and you hate it. You rage against it. The idea of male headship bristles your spirit.

You seek to usurp this role, to dominate him, to control him, compelling him to act accordingly, bending him to your will. You’ll be no subordinate, no slave to a man.

And you’ve seen the abuse of the system, ungodly men who embrace the second half of the curse…“and he shall rule over you.” (Genesis 3:16) Men who impregnate and abandon, men who abuse and torment, men who sexualize and oppress—you’ve seen it, maybe lived it or your mother did.

I cannot fathom your frustration.

In other areas of life in a civilized society, you will your way to a plethora of Pyrrhic victories. You’ve shattered glass ceilings at virtually every level. You outpace your male brothers in higher education. You’ve passed Ranger school and joined the infantry. Every profession is yours for the taking though if the #metoo folks are right, we’ve got a lot of work to do.

There’s just one small problem.

You have a uterus…to go with your vagina.

You deserve the exact same sexual freedom as godless men. You are entitled to it, but unfortunately your biology works dreadfully against you. Pregnancy is the ultimate expression of feminine bondage, a burden, a yoke which no one else may bear for you.

And you’ll not have it.

You know it’s a life. I know it’s a life. But that’s not what’s important. What matters is your life and your freedom and really, your sexual freedom. We’ll call it a zygote if it’ll make you feel better. We’ll even chant your slogans. 

It comes down to a simple decision between your rights, your sexual rights, and the right to life of this clump of cells.

I know. I truly do.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Emasculated Men.

You hate men as well.

Confronted with feminine ire, you concede. You caved long ago and yielded your masculinity to become a neutered caricature of what God intended you to be, and you’re okay with that because you are accepted.

Their acceptance of you depends entirely upon your continuing harmlessness to the cause, and that’s okay. Know that at the first hint of obstinance, you’ll be soundly crushed.

Perhaps it was your father that taught you to hate men and you do. You hate them. You recoil at what society has declared manly. The brutish tobacco-chewing redneck or the Bible-thumping woman-hater stand in opposition to the genderless utopia you desire.

Who are you to have any kind of privilege just because you’re a man?

Who are you to be given authority on account of something so unearned as your penis?

So you quietly tuck your testicles between your legs, pick up your “Stop the War on Women” sign, and join the march. You likewise know it’s a life as well as I do, but that is not what’s important.

Her reproductive rights are what matters here, not some nameless, faceless and ultimately inconvenient cluster of biological goo. You don’t even have a uterus. How could you possibly have an opinion on the matter? Right?

Mind your lane and get back in line.

You hate women.

You go the other direction.

You fall in line with the curse and rule over the woman in an ungodly fashion.

It’s easy for you. You don’t even really have to try. It comes very naturally. You see women for what they are, ultimately repositories for your pleasurable insemination.

Abortion is a convenient means to that end.

You really don’t have time or desire for the responsibility or sexual ethics and abortion is the next best thing. Hey, you’re certainly not going to father some child that you don’t even want. This isn’t the sixties where you have to marry the girl. 

Really. I understand.

We don’t want child support hanging over our heads. We don’t want some artificial commitment to someone or something that we didn’t want in the first place, but hey, we’re human too. We don’t want some kid growing up without a dad, maybe even in poverty. We know the deal.

It’s for the best. Truly.

Once we can “take care of it”, it’s on to the next one. No one gets hurt. We all have a good time and hey, did you see that waitress at the club. I think she was making eyes at me. I’ve got a feeling…

You hate God.

Again, I understand completely.

I once hated God as you do and I once hated life as you do.

You know God exists. Creation testifies to that fact loud and clear. Nothing has ever created itself. You know this. Yet, you desire to be the captain of your own destiny. You desire to call the shots. You worship at the altar of you and woe be anyone who seeks to impede your ritual sacrifice.

It’s you. Your sexual ethics. Your decisions. Your body. Your choice. Your everything.

You hate God and the fact that He imposes standards. You hate God because of the fact that He imposes standards and really, because you know there will be accountability. He stands in direct opposition to the cult of you. And you hate it. You hate Him.

I know it. You know it…He knows it.

The life inside, created in His image, stands as an imminent reminder of His ways and you hate His ways. You want it to be your way. Abortion allows for this. 

You really have no…choice. Ironic, isn’t it. Or maybe you do…

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  1. Steve Barnes

    Thanks Smitty. I’m catching up on many of your blogs. I’m signing up for any of your new posts! YBIC, Barnesy


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