Maybe It’s Time to Abolish the 2nd Amendment

by | 15 Feb, 2018 | 10 comments

Another week, another shooting.

Did you even notice? How long will the thoughts and prayers last? How long till the cries for gun control legislation and the equally strident reaction against gun control legislation subside?

What sickens me the most is the dullness, the collective weariness, the paralysis due to fear and partisanship. Can we really take no steps?

I love guns. I own a gun. I want to be able to own a gun.

I likewise mistrust the government. Governments, though necessary, must be kept in check as they inherently seek to accumulate power. A government unchecked inevitably yields a people oppressed.

Yet, can we really do nothing? Why don’t we quit squabbling and act?

Maybe it’s time to abolish the 2nd Amendment.

Before you burn me in effigy or brand me a liberal (sheesh), hear me out.

The Founding Fathers composed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in a different time, a different epoch, and really, in a different nation.

Our nation has changed, fundamentally perhaps irreversibly.

The Fathers wrote the Constitution with a certain paradigm, through the prism of faith and the proliferation of the common grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All the Fathers were not Christians and all men of their day were certainly not of Christ, but the Gospel was taught and proliferated. The common grace of the Gospel is that its proliferation restricts sin. Where the Gospel is preached, things are just better.

We live today in a post-Christian nation. The Gospel is anathema to much of our country. The fastest growing religion is secular humanism and much of our nation is un-churched or de-churched, having walked from Christ years ago. A large and fast-growing segment of our nation is 2nd generation unchurched meaning that their parents were un-churched. They were not raised in the church or taught simple biblical concepts like sin, repentance, and salvation.

The Prince of the Power of the Air rules our nation today.

The Fathers could not have foreseen this when they composed the Bill of Rights.

Did they assume a nation that would drift this far from Christ? Did they assume we’d exchange the glory of God for a lie and worship and serve the created thing rather than the Creator?

Would they ever have anticipated widespread godlessness, that we would forsake the Lord and celebrate our sin? Could they have known that we’d slaughter our children in the womb by the tens of millions for the sake of convenience or that we’d embrace deviancy and fierce rebellion at every turn? Could they have foreseen the global and national epidemic of chemical addiction, addiction that enslaves a vast multitude?

Would they have written the 2nd Amendment as it is if they’d have known?

For reference, seven weeks into 2018 and there have been 8 school shootings resulting in injury or death. There have been 30 mass shootings overall this year, defined as a shooting whereby four or people have been shot.

Every year, it becomes ever more commonplace. Columbine. Virginia Tech. Orlando. Texas First Baptist Church. Las Vegas. San Bernardino. Sandy Hook. Aurora. Red Lake. The list goes on.

At some point this becomes sickeningly routine. At what point do we start counting this as the cost of a well-armed but largely godless population? What else would we expect?

I understand that this is a complicated issue. I understand that regulations already exist, that most gun-owners are law-abiding citizens. I understand the difference between a semi-automatic weapon and a fully automatic weapon and that criminals will always find ways to get a gun if they desire.

I truly understand these things but drastic times call for drastic measures. Perhaps its time to abolish the 2nd Amendment. Perhaps we no longer deserve the right to keep and bear arms.

Perhaps we surrendered that right the moment defense of that right receives more vigor and zeal than our call to make disciples of all the nations, starting with our children.

My heart weeps for our nation.





  1. Greg C

    As an ardent 2nd Amendment supporter, I just had to read this first this morning. As always, well spoken Brad, and a compelling discussion. I have begun to feel the same way…if we can’t find moral ground to stand on as a Nation, if we cannot protect our citizens, and if we cannot identify and help those that would destroy themselves and others, maybe we don’t deserve the rights we have been given by God. And we definitely don’t deserve those rights if we depend upon a soulless government to bestow them on us. I wish I had collective answers but the Nation is so divided by ideology that it is paralyzed from seeing solutions. I am also saddened as what has become of our Nation.

    • Bradford Smith

      Greg, great feedback. I’m not sure that gun possession is a valid and biblical right. Again, I am in favor of guns. I just don’t see this right in the pages of Scripture so I cannot defend it on that basis.

  2. Wil

    Let’s abolish freedom of speech so people dont get hurt. How about that. 2A reason why my fam and myself are alive. Some punk tried to rob use at gun point, i pulled mine out and I was able to shot him in the leg detained him until police arrived. The main issue is not guns but the mental health. When a drunk driver murder somebody you sont blame the alcohol or the car, you blame the driver. When somebody comits rape you dont blame the clothes or the victim you blame the perpetrator. Why blame guns? There are millions of gun owners in the US if there was a gun issue you would know about it

  3. ricky queen

    well said

  4. Jere

    Time for repeal? I don’t know.

    But I favor a Once-And-For-All effort to call the question over the unending piecemeal infringements that have already occurred or that inevitably will occur as an emotion-based reaction to this incident or that one.

    I respect the activist who says “Get rid of all the guns” far more than the incrementalist who will want my fingerprints yesterday, my rifles today, my handguns tomorrow, and my shotguns the day after that.

    The activist is at least honest, even if I believe he is wrong.

    The incrementalist is a liar, a cheat, and more likely to want to take my life after he takes my guns.

    So, yes, let’s call the question. Put an amendment before the people – to be ratified or defeated.

    Accept the results, and then drop the subject.

  5. John Clark

    We must realize that humanity has a sin problem. Sin can be defined as people going their own way totally apart from God. That sin problem is often manifested in evil acts. We as a nation, sadly, have some people who are trigger-happy, meaning they will go out and shoot someone just because they don’t like them, or in place of simply sitting down and talking with them. But we still need the Second Amendment. Think of the times when shootings could have been a lot worse had they not been stopped by a good citizen with “the right to bear arms.” You said it very well, that “criminals will always find a way to get a gun…”

  6. Aaron

    Well Said Brad; I truly can’t thank you enough for writing these words; the writing of such takes great courage on your part. Suffice is to way; I fear that many Christians seem to equate supporting the 2nd Amendment with Patriotism and then equate that with following God. Not to get into that whole can of worms, I am greatly encouraged by your article and the courage you have displayed in writing it. You have the “cred” with your resume to write such words. God bless you Sir.

    • Bradford Smith

      Aaron, wow great words. Yes, I loathe the linkage between guns, God, and country.

  7. David Bobbey

    Abolish the 2nd Amendment?? “I understand the difference between a semi-automatic weapon and a fully automatic weapon and that criminals will always find ways to get a gun if they desire.” Your quote. Who wins here.?
    Could they have known? To answer those questions you posed in this regard, I ask this question. Did they have the Bible then? Did the know Romans Chapter 1, the downward decent of humanity and nations that forget Almighty God? ; did they know 2 Timothy 3:1-9 that there will be Godlessness in the last days ? That evil men will(ala KJV) will wax worse and worse,
    calling good evil and evil good? The ten commandments;? The evil of big government? The sanctity of life…endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights,such as Life, Liberty & the pursuit of happiness. etc, etc. Did they know every detail of how these all will come about anymore than we can see every detail of the future but we have Biblical principles if followed, produce blessings 7 if violated destruction. Jesus, dwelt on earth in a different, time different epoch & nation, yet, His Words are still true for us today. Perhaps those founders had a greater grasp of The Word of God than most who claim to be believers & churches today.
    30 mass shootings this year?? Where do these stats come from & are they accurate? Not as stated in your article.
    The answer? Changed hearts by the Gospel as you clearly stated: The common grace of the Gospel is that its proliferation restricts sin. Where the Gospel is preached, things are just better.”
    I want to thank you for your article and the conviction with which you write. Thank you for your service in the military & service to the King of Kings from one fellow veteran & redeemed sinner by the Grace of God


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