LORD, Break the Teeth of Andrew Cuomo

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Okay, after a few days of processing…

…this week, New York’s legislature passed the Reproductive Health Act, signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo, to rousing applause and cheers. This bill expands access to abortion including into the dreaded third trimester, where a baby really begins to uh, look like a baby, if the woman’s health was somehow at risk.

The broad language ensures that the abortion rate in a state where 25% of pregnancies already end in abortion will almost assuredly rise.

Needless to say, this has received a ton of attention from the conservative segments of society and Pro-life advocates but from the left, virtual silence. It’s just a matter of course.

What is the believer to do?

We must not be surprised.

Matt Walsh still can’t believe this is real.

I can.

This is what evil does.

Solomon reminds us of wicked men, “They cannot sleep unless they have done wrong.” (Proverbs 4:16) Isaiah tells us that “the wicked are like the tossing sea; for it cannot be quiet.” (Isaiah 57:20)

As all men are either sons of God or sons of Satan, evil men have no choice but to follow their father as “the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8) The unborn are perhaps the easiest to devour, absolutely defenseless.

The slope is real, slippery indeed.

Many have asked, “How could this happen? How could they do such a thing?”

This is the wrong question to ask. The New York Congress has been pushing this legislation for years, but it had always been blocked by Republicans until the recent elections handed the Democratic party a majority. So this reminds us of an uncomfortable truth.

Evil always progresses. It is never content with the status quo. It has no choice but to expand the scope of evil until all bow before the prince of this world.

Expect this.

Expect other states to push similar legislation.

Expect laws allowing euthanasia—post-birth abortion if you will—of defective people, those with Down’s Syndrome or some other disability perhaps. Don’t be surprised when abortion of the defective becomes mandatory. It’s for their own good, after all.

Expect further legislation embracing the death cult. Expect the expansion of euthanasia. Canada, about a decade ahead of us in progressiveness, passed legislation removing restrictions on children for physician assisted suicide. Similar laws will follow here. Expect it. The elderly, the infirm…it’s for their own good, after all.

Anticipate the continued destruction of gender norms, the normalization and legalization of pedophilia. Expect a continued expansion of hate crime legislation, making it illegal to speak against or oppose any of this.

The godless know God’s decree against these things but nevertheless do them…and give approval to those who practice them. (Romans 1:32) Tolerance is not enough. Compliance is not enough. Wickedness will not rest until you are a proponent, an advocate.

We should expect nothing less than a continuous pursuit to this end by every means available including legislation.

We must understand judgement.

America has already been judged.

I’ve seen numerous people bemoaning imminent judgement or even calling for it. Does God judge the nations? Yes, He always has. He is a personal God, imminent and present, working in the lives of individual people. But He likewise moves on a national level, a global level.

Describing ungodliness, Paul writes that all men know that there is a God, Creation testifies clearly to this fact. Yet, men did not see fit to honor God, but became futile in their thinking as their hearts were darkened.

Claiming to be wise, they became fools,” and “exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator.” (Romans 1:22,25).

Therefore, God gave them up to the lusts of their heart. He gave them what they wanted.

America abandoned God. It’s progressive, but it happened and is happening. Every generation is more unchurched than the previous. Men failed to disciple their sons—perhaps they were not themselves disciples—and the nation walked from God, worshiping and serving the created thing instead of the Creator.

Homosexuality and the accompanying licentiousness is judgement. A perversion of the biblical sexual ethic is the judgement. The associated destruction of the nuclear family is the judgement. (Romans 1:26-27)

God says, “If you want this more than me, then have it.” He gives us what we truly want. The resultant and obvious wake of death is God’s judgement upon this nation.

Abortion is the byproduct of the abandonment of the godly sexual ethic. Of course there exists a million different circumstances but in its broadest context, abortion exists to clean up the mess, so to speak, from the desertion of God’s ways.

In the end, abortion is what we as a nation, collectively wanted.

We must understand the issue.

Let’s put a biblical spin on this.

Andrew Cuomo is not the enemy. Sorry. He’s not. Neither is a single member of the New York congress that voted for this horrid affair. Our enemy fights a different battle, playing chess while we tarry about with checkers. (Ephesians 6:12)

I am Andrew Cuomo.

Before knowing Christ, my mind darkened by sin, I was as pro-choice as any of these folks. I wanted the freedom to conduct myself sexually as I pleased, and if that required an issue “be taken care of” then so be it.

Apart from Christ, I had no true love for my fellow men. I had no appreciation for life, for the image-bearers of God. The godly sexual ethic had no appeal. It was foreign to me. I couldn’t comprehend anyone clinging to such an antiquated notion.

And such were some of you. (1 Corinthians 6:11)

Apart from Christ, you are the New York legislature, we are them. Apart from Christ, whom none of us sought on our own accord, we would have voted unanimously to destroy God in any possible way, including the destruction of unborn life.

Yes, these men and women will one day be called to account.

Yes, abortion is a tragic evil that we must oppose with all of our strength.

However, consider that in the tragedy of abortion, God works all things for the good of those who love Him, those whom He called according to His purposes. (Romans 8:28) Not that all things are good, but that all things accomplish good.

Consider that an aborted baby, at the expense of a few moments of pain, will never have to spend a single second in a sinful and fallen world where it is legal to kill babies. They are instantly pulled into the loving arms of Jesus to spend eternity.

Oppose. Resist. Most importantly, understand.

We must respond rightly.

If we believe what we say we believe, nothing has changed.

A baby is a baby, one second after conception as much as one minute before childbirth. This bill merely serves to clarify the positions.

We must act, but we must act rightly.

We must pray.

Pray fervently, continuously. Pray imprecatory prayers if you feel led. Call for the wrath of God upon the godless men behind this great evil. Pray for the end of abortion, by all means. However, understanding that abortion will never end apart from revival or Christ’s return, let us be on our knees for the souls of men.

Let us pray for Andrew Cuomo, that he might come to know the risen Lord Jesus.

Let abortion reinforce the necessity that we make disciples of our sons. Let us see in our sons, future mighty men of God who will someday rise up and claim all that God has given to them, that they will forsake the ways of their fathers, us, and put an end to wickedness such as abortion.

By all means, oppose with legislation. Vote. Elect godly leaders who will end this scourge. March. Demonstrate. Speak out.

Become angry and act. What if across the street from every Planned Parenthood clinic was a Christian pregnancy center and we could proclaim to women in a crisis pregnancy, “Here is another way.” Stay angry and adopt. Further the narrative that there is another way, that you will take this unwanted child and love it and raise it as your own.

Most of all, proclaim. Proclaim Christ and Him crucified, with every platform entrusted to you. He is the only hope to end all evil, much less the evil of abortion.

Can you imagine the unfathomable joy of a former abortionist, being welcomed into Heaven…by the babies he once murdered? I cannot fathom such a thing as this.


  1. Angel

    Wow that was amazing and all what God is about and we have to show how much we love God by praying for the selfish ill willed non believers . Rather than being happy to know Cuomo will rit in hell we should pray to see him change and be excepted into heaven. Very hard but thats what Gods children do. We can still fight but with dignity and God by our side

  2. Mike Maguire

    Thank you brother I really needed to read this. I spent the week mad at the world wondering how something like this could be passed into law. You are right the heart of man is desperately wicked who could know it I am guilty of playing checkers while my enemy is playing chess. He has a plan to advance his agenda and the more we spin and get mad about lost people doing lost things the more distracted we become from sharing the truth and making disciples of the next generation. Thank you brother I needed that spiritual throat phunch!

    • Bradford Smith

      Brother, we all need a spiritual throat punch on occasion, lol! God bless.


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This is a powerful read in a small book. The subtitle hits the mark with its description of, "A Biblical Treatise on Adoption." The author poses a challenge to the reader to stop reading the book upfront if the reader does not want to be moved to action.

   Janice S. Garey  

The call that sounds for the incredible need of emotionally and physically abandoned and orphaned children and one that when answered manifests the love of Christ.

  Anne Rightler

This book is a must read for anyone affected in any way by addictions. So many of the situations in this book seem hopeless, but as Brad so clearly points out, Christ is the solution and the only hope of man. As long as there is breath, there is hope!

  Scott Doherty

In Scourge, Brad offers us more than cold statistics or a cautionary tale. Instead, he offers us the solution - faith backed by action - to overcome this insidious problem Insightful and provocative, Scourge is a warning flag, guide post and rally to hope for all of us.

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