Devotional with Dad – Episode 01

Welcome to our first podcast.  This is a project I am starting with my ten year old son, Jaymes.  We will be doing a devotional everyday for 30 days from THE ACTION BIBLE.  If you haven’t seen it, this kids Bible is really cool, its illustrated like a graphic novel and goes through the bible chronologically.  My son truly enjoys bible study time now. Since I have been dabbling in building webpages and starting podcasts, I figured this was a great way to spend time together.

Our goal is to spend quality family time together as father and son in God’s Word.  I hope that you all enjoy this adventure too. Each episode will be a short intro, and then Jaymes reading his devotional, and then we will discuss after.  I hope that if you have kids Jayme’s age you will enjoy reading along or listening.  It is really amazing how God reveals truth to kids, Jaymes comes up with some fantastic wisdom as I’m sure your children will also.  So i encourage you to use this as an opportunity to spend quiet time together.

Now on to the episode!


Tricking the Trickster

Genesis 29


In this episode we are reading Genesis 29. It is the story of Jacob and Laban, and how Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah, instead of Rachel.  On the surface it looks like Jacob was just out conned by a Laban, his Uncle.  But remember, Jacob himself was a master con-man.  He along with his mom, tricked his father Isaac into passing the Birthright, God’s blessing on to him, instead of his older brother Esau.  There is definitely a bit of “what comes around goes around.”

Really, when we look deeper in the story, all of this still had to happen to fulfill God’s promise to Abraham.  Its sometimes hard to see how God is at work even in the bad things to bring about good for His glory.  This is one of those seemingly small bible stories that quickly becomes very significant in the lineage of Christ.

Jaymes offers his insight to God’s plan at starting at 8:20.  It is fun to see how Jaymes figures out the moral of this story, and how “Don’t repay evil for evil” is a key take away to him.

What sticks out to you in this story? In what ways can we learn from Jacob and his situation?  Have you ever felt like you were conned or swindled out of something that you worked hard for and deserved?

Write your insights and comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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