Crumbling America

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Daily, the chasm widens. The fissure deepens.

Each week presents a new crack, a fresh crevice, an added division.

The moral revolution sweeps across our nation dividing, but not in the way you may think. Christians stand caught in the crossfire between an obvious and hostile enemy and one who is pragmatically indistinguishable.

The end is a nation divided, an America crumbling.

Godless Left

This is almost too obvious to point out, almost junior varsity in nature.

I don’t know how any professing believer in the risen Lord Jesus could support the leftist platform.

Safe. Rare. Legal. This used to be the leftist position concerning abortion. We recognize it is a serious issue and just want to preserve the right of a woman in the rare instance she truly needs one.

Now, it’s abortion on demand. Shout your abortion. No apologies. Whenever, wherever and the most honest pro-abortion advocates acknowledge that it’s a baby, a child, just that the woman’s rights supersede any right to life the child may have. Recently, state level lawmakers, starting in New York, have passed legislation authorizing abortion up to birth! They bask in their own audacity.

The governor of Virginia even discussed post-birth abortion on the radio!


Sexual perversion pervades. They’ve tossed biblical sexual norms and morals, mere relics of a bygone patriarchy.

They’ve destroyed male and female, demolishing the very foundation of God’s created order, denying basic science and reason in the name of inclusivity and tolerance. The militant LGBT+ mob—and they’ve since added an ‘I’ and an ‘A’ which I refuse to learn since I just cannot keep up—demands, not just acquiescence, but celebration.

One cannot even publicly state that adults should not empower 3-year-olds into making decisions about their orientation or gender without being chastised into submission. Leaders, Hollywood, other elites champion the corruption of the sexual ethic ushering in all manner of associated licentiousness.

They champion perverted men, dressing up as women, and frolicking on the floor of our local libraries with children, teaching them to twerk, and all about acceptance, and love, and diversity.


They aggressively dominate the education system, co-opting our actual language. Cisgender. Sex assigned at birth. Cis-heteropatriarchy. Just a few Orwellian terms among many taught as doctrine to school children. Indoctrination begins in Kindergarten and is completed in the university.


Identity politics. The destruction and devaluation of the nuclear family. Socialism. The refusal to acknowledge competing ideas. Animosity and violence in the name of all of these.


But you know this, even if you are of this.

Godless Right

Until 2005, this was me.

I loved guns, god (ostensibly), and country.

I believed in the values of hard-work and personal responsibility. I favored a strong military and limited government. I cherished capitalism and the idea that anyone can succeed if they work hard enough. I loved the 2nd Amendment though interestingly, I maintained distinct pro-choice views as a function of my own sexual licentiousness. Convenience, you see.

And I saw these liberal loons, and would’ve seen the ones of today, with the scorn and derision that they deserve. We didn’t have the term ‘snowflake’ then and they didn’t seem as prevalent but…

…I hated them and would hate them today. I was as godless as they.


The American right, today, does not speak for me as a follower of Jesus Christ.

The hatred, the vitriol, the disdain for our fellow man, for those made in the Image of God, betrays Scripture and the heart of God.

The believer is to be known by his love for his brothers. (John 13:35) The Christ-follower is to yield rights to himself and to turn the other cheek, to love his enemies, to bless his enemies. (Matthew 5:39, 44) The disciple of Christ knows our enemy is not the flesh and blood. (Ephesians 6:12) Though men rage against him, revile him, hate him, persecute him, he does not respond in kind. The Christian is to live a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. (1 Timothy 2:2)

The mind of Christ cuts across the grain of modern conservatism.

The outer fruit is there and the outer fruit is good! I applaud abortion-limiting legislation in Alabama and Georgia and pray for its nationwide proliferation. I am comforted by community pushback against drag queen story time, recent judicial victories of Christian bakers over those who would sue them, the confirmation of conservative Supreme Court justices. But it’s just that, external.

Externally, most conservatives would advocate Christ-like policy, godly ideas…but they don’t know Christ! Their vivid hatred of the openly godless gives it away. I share no more fellowship with them than with any on the left.

They may own two assault rifles, vote Republican in every election, picket Planned Parenthood, and keep the KJV at their bedside, but if they don’t know Christ, none of it matters. Internally, spiritually, they are indistinguishable from their god-hating adversaries. They are the same.

The dwindling American church and its increasing irrelevance testifies to our corporate and collective godlessness.

Caught in the Crossfire

The 2016 election epitomized the Christian dilemma.

I couldn’t vote for Hillary. That much was obvious…but Trump, sheesh. Is this really the only other option, a moral degenerate who advocates some conservative ideas that I happen to agree with? The President’s continual and open flaunting and disregard for his fellow man, including his opponents, testifies to his spirituality.

I am conservative in my view for one reason, and one reason alone. I know the risen Lord Jesus.
And my hope is not in America. My hope is not in the Constitution or the Congress or the President. My hope is not found in rights and protest, guns and flags, judges or laws.

I have a hope, an anchor for my soul, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the grace of the Father as He dispatched the Son to bear His wrath against the sin of men, on behalf of all those who would believe. His Kingdom is an unshakeable kingdom, shattering borders and boundaries, spanning countries and continents, enduring from epochs to eternity. That’s my King and that’s my Kingdom.

I’ll leave the godless on the left and the godless on the right to squabble over the crumbs of a crumbling nation. I love America, but she will one day be but a footnote in the salvation history of man. And I’m okay with that.


  1. Jeremy Phillips

    Very well said Sir. It’s a shame that we as a society have become so divided. I am glad there are some good Christian’s out there still believing. I am one of those Christians and will always stand with those that are. Thank you for the amazing read. God Bless you.

    • Bradford Smith

      Thanks for those words, brother. Fight the good fight!

  2. Clay Hall

    Thank you for this great but very unfortunate
    reveal. You did an amazing
    necessary job of giving all of us these truths! You and we, the “…love one
    another” Brothers & Sisters of ALL ages, PLEAD
    to all of you who are not — change your Life, get on
    board This Everlasting Train with us before it is too late & Stay on It. We need you — GOD needs you, Then all of US Pray & repeat, Pray & Repeat, Pray & Repeat. Do it NOW & Many times Every Day – for Our GOD to Save Our
    United States – given to Us
    by God Himself, the Maker
    & Creator of ALL mankind.
    He loves every single One of You and this Country.

    Stop “riding the wave,” and take action to SAVE OUR COUNTRY.


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This is a powerful read in a small book. The subtitle hits the mark with its description of, "A Biblical Treatise on Adoption." The author poses a challenge to the reader to stop reading the book upfront if the reader does not want to be moved to action.

   Janice S. Garey  

The call that sounds for the incredible need of emotionally and physically abandoned and orphaned children and one that when answered manifests the love of Christ.

  Anne Rightler

This book is a must read for anyone affected in any way by addictions. So many of the situations in this book seem hopeless, but as Brad so clearly points out, Christ is the solution and the only hope of man. As long as there is breath, there is hope!

  Scott Doherty

In Scourge, Brad offers us more than cold statistics or a cautionary tale. Instead, he offers us the solution - faith backed by action - to overcome this insidious problem Insightful and provocative, Scourge is a warning flag, guide post and rally to hope for all of us.

 Chad Chasteen


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